February 26 – March 1 MUTZIE

Mutzie has been a professional stand up comedian for 28 years now. He is a non stop laugh riot from the moment he walks onto the stage until his show stopper close. Watching Mutzie on stage is like watching the class clown in school, you never knew what was coming next, but you knew it was coming. He has hundred of jokes, but chooses to interact with the audience members for about half of each show.

Brandon Tartikoff – Former Preident of NBC once stated that if he had to hire two comedians, he would hire Mutzie twice. Hire him once and you will hire him twice as well.

Mutzie is a sure fire can’t miss hit for any age, race, demographic, nationality, etc.

Mutzie is also very positive and inspirational. It’s not just a comedy show, it could be a life changing event.




Wednesday 7:00PM
Thursday 7:30
Friday and Saturday 7:30 and 9:45
Sunday  7:30


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