May 30 Lyrics, Laughter and Love

A fund raiser for  Gissella Rappdefriese, featuring Comedian Karen Mills and the  music of Priscilla and Little RicKee.

Gissella is fighting the toughest battle of her life for her life…for the second time. At the mere age of 19 years old, she has endured more challenges in her short life than most of us do in an entire lifetime.
At six years old She and her siblings were working very hard on overcoming trauma from neglect and abuse that they received in foster care. Less than 1 year after being adopted, Gissella was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia. She immediately got the treatment and support that she needed and beat it!!

Fast forward 12 years later, Gissella is 18 years old, and she has beens diagnosed with Leukemiafor the second time and now the cancer has mutated to a rare type of leukemia. All of the things necessary for Gissella to fight and hopefully beat this disease once and for all, are a tremendous expense for her family. Please help to support Gissella and her family through this very tough time

Karen Mills has made a career out of making people laugh. She has been a nationally touring comedian for twenty-five years and can be heard daily on Sirius / XM comedy channels. Karen appeared on Season 12 of America’s Got Talent and her new comedy special “Pink Pants” was recently released on Dry Bar Comedy. Originally from Cleveland, Tennessee,  Karen’s basketball skills earned her a full scholarship to the University of Tennessee @ Chattanooga

Music performed by Priscilla and Little RicKee , they have played music together for 27 years, beginning at Las Margaritas in Riverview.  Donna Coleman, Nan Murphy, Sharon Hale, Ashley Cofield, Gary Bartley and Andrew Chauncey make up the band and are known for their wide range of musical styles.  From Nightfall to Riverbend and now Scotties’s on the River, you will enjoy their festive flair and knack for crowd involvement!


Showtime 7:30

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