August 2-5 Master Hypnotist Gary Conrad

August 2-5  Master Hypnotist Gary Conrad

Come see the wild and crazy things some people will do.

Master Hypnotist Gary ConradMaster Hypnotist Gary Conrad will have you thoroughly amazed. Volunteer to be part of the show, Gary will put you to sleep and you will become part of a hypnotic adventure. Each show is a different, exciting experience for the audience as well as the volunteers.

We will have an “all ages matinee show Saturday at 5:pm

Imagine being immersed in a medley of Holiday dreams where  the wonder of Christmas merge with the modern celebration. Costumes, carols, characters, and conviviality mix into one fanciful delight. Combine that with skits of slapstick capers from “A Christmas Story;” “Bad Santa; “… Island of Misfit Toys;” and “… Grinch…”  performed by friends, family, and maybe even YOU… all while hypnotically entranced. That pretty much describes the excitement of our Christmas Hypnotist, Gary Conrad. A long list of skits and a stage full of random participants guarantees no two of these PG-rated shows will be quite the same. Look into this stint’s G-rated Family Show  and our “Adult” shows too. Get your tickets now for the best seats as last year’s shows were heavily attended!

Special Deal: Tickets for the 5:00 pm Matinee show on Saturday  are only $5 for all ages. That’s less than the cost of a movie.




Thursday 7:30
Friday  7:30 and 10:00pm

Saturday 5:00 Matinee, 7:30 and 10:00pm (Adult Show)
Sunday   7:30

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