June 20-23 D.J Lewis and Friends

June 20-23 D.J Lewis and Friends

Thursday night’s show will be a fundraiser for “The Alice Fund”

The mission of The Alice Fund is to help provide medical care and supplies to cats whose owners and caregivers would otherwise lack the resources to access such care. By accepting donations from generous cat lovers, The Alice Fund allows contributors to extend their love for cats to those in need.

The line up for this event will be,Cedric Middlebrooks, Luke Marter, Darryl Davidson and DJ Lewis

D.J started right here at The Comedy Catch and has built his own unique style of comedy and a crowd of loyal followers and comedian friends.

Depending on who is in town it’s a reunion of comedians  and a showcase of talent.

You never know what to expect when these guys get together but it sure will be a fun time.


Thursday 7:30
Friday 7:30, Saturday 7:30 and 9:45
Sunday  7:30





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