May 9-11 Jerry Harvey “Critter”

May 9-11 Jerry Harvey “Critter”

Jerry Harvey began his career over a decade ago. Right from the start he won or placed highly in multuple nationwide comedy contest including The Southeast Funniest People Search and The World Series Of Comedy. The rest is history.
Jerry is like your southern grandma and grandpa all rolled up in one.
He gives loving advice and the occasional ass whoopin!
He is a gay, conservative, outspoken, non-PC southerner with a love for all y’all! As long as you’re not “triflin”.
Get to know Jerry, his stories and his love of animals.
His philosophies are old school with a new age twist.
Based in Chattanooga Tennessee Jerry is a stand up comedian and a wildlife rehabilitator.
You won’t leave with dry britches!  Guarenteed!


Thursday 7:30
Friday 7:30
Saturday 7:30 and 9:45
Sunday Closed for Mother’s Day



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