January 26 Feral Hogs

January 26 Feral Hogs

Come out and see the Feral Hogs Tour and their  R Rated Comedy Show! Hilliary Begley, Bridgette Martin & Ari Kobler.

Bridgette Martin
She’s an emotionally unkempt broad who is as loud and boisterous as she is sad and possibly psychotic. Not for the faint of heart, unless you need someone to pray for. Featured on the People In My Neighborhood, Deadbeat Radio, and BrewChatt podcasts and was a featured guest on the Altercation Punk Comedy Tour. She’s opened for DeAnne Smith, Pauly Shore and TJ Miller.
Hilliary Begley
Most people currently know her from the Netflix movie “Dumplin’,” a role she ultimately landed because of a a tiny photo on a show flyer. She was primarily known as a touring comedian, having toured cities such as Atlanta, New York City, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Charleston, South Carolina, and Charlotte North Carolina. She has  opened for  Jon Reep, Fortune Feimster, Judah Friedlander, and David Stone.
Ari Kobler
Ari is a co-host of the Hey Assbutt podcast. Based out of Huntsville, Ari is a champion of Huntsville comedy and has been featured in shows throughout the Southeast, including Epic Comedy Hour.


Sunday: 7:30pm

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