May 3 Huggy Lowdown and Chris Paul

Huggy is the No. 1 segment on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, heard in over 115 markets across the country. Huggy hits every morning at 8:30 am EST (7:30 am CST) giving the entertainment news and gossip for to more than eight million Tom Joyner listeners. Before Tom Joyner, Huggy spent eight years on The Donnie Simpson Show on WPGC in Washington, DC, where he was voted the district’s favorite radio personality. Huggy moved to the TV One Network, recently supplying the comedy satire for TV One’s live coverage of the Democratic National Convention and the Presidential Inauguration. Huggy is now working on his own syndication evening drive piece for Syndication One as well as a TV pilot in the Talk Soup kind of format for cable.

Sunday  7:30



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