April 27-30 Hypnotist Herb McCandles

April 27-30 Hypnotist Herb McCandles

Hypnotist “HerbieMac” will take volunteers on stage hypnotize them and make them do some wild and crazy things. Its a show you can take part in or just sit back and watch the hysterical things some people will do. Each show is different because the audience and volunteers are different. Herb is the type of entertainer you see in Vegas. He has a charismatic stage presence  and perfect comic timing.

Herb’s hypnosis shows are an energy charged, fun, fast paced experience. You will be amazed how quickly Herb can hypnotize a group of total strangers and jump into the laugh packed program. Even the induction itself is designed for audience entertainment. Herb’s energized personality and creative imagination always has

audiences laughing hysterically while volunteers have a blast on stage!



Wednesday 7:30 ,Thursday 7:30
Friday and Saturday 7:30 and 10:00
Sunday  7:30

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